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Photo of Luisa Forero


She's quite the creative professional – years spent as an Industrial Engineer and Project Manager in the financial world. But since she was a kid, she's had this unstoppable love for design. So, after making the move to Ottawa, she decided to follow her heart.

She graduated as an Interactive Media Designer from Algonquin College, and guess what she did next? She transformed her passion for unique designs, vibrant celebrations, beautiful colors, crafting wonders, and those amazing balloons into a business. Her goal? To help people create valuable memories and, of course, bring a smile to their faces.


The powerhouse of our crew. He's not just an Architect, he's the guy who brings the muscle and hands-on magic to our team. He's got this old-school vibe, you know? He's all about crafting and DIY projects, and he wields a sharp cutter like a true craftsman.

Whether it's crafting intricate balloon mosaics or constructing the sturdy structures for our balloon decorations and teepee parties. But here's the kicker – he's not just about brawn; he's also a bundle of energy. His smile and customer service game, the best in the biz!

Photo of Giovanni Carreno
Photo of Amelia Carreno


Our little cherry on top! Believe it or not, she's just 6 years old, but oh boy, she's a bundle of bright, creative, and fun ideas. Don't let her cuteness and adorableness fool you; when it comes to getting the job done, she's as professional and committed as they come.

Her passion? It's all about drawing and conjuring up the perfect ideas for every party setting. You could say she's the secret ingredient that makes each event extra special!

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